Visayas Haven


Visayas Haven will provide a total of 59 units of affordable senior housing along with 4,398 square feet of space located on the first floor. The project will be 5 stories tall at a maximum height of 60’-9”.  The 59 units will be comprised of 58 one-bedroom units and 1 two-bedroom manager’s unit; all with a patio or a balcony. 30 residential parking spaces are provided for the dwelling units. The project will also provide 10 guest parking spaces for the community room.  The total of 41 parking spaces will include 2 handicap accessible spaces; all provided in a semi-subterranean garage. Open space includes a courtyard on the parking deck directly accessible from the community spaces. The project is designed to exceed Title 24 by 25%, and exceeds the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Checklist.


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