Villa Flores

Affordable Senior Housing – Downtown Los AngelesVF_1

Villa Flores a 75 unit project, is in South Park, a new inter city community. A master plan has been developed for the block, with buildings that provide a continuous edge to the street with a lower wing that edges a series of courtyards and allows sun access to courtyards. The floor slabs express on the exterior a sense of stacked space and an articulation of floor plane as differentiated from the wall plane. The triangular glass curtain wall encloses the entrance on the ground floor, and the elevator lobbies on the upper floors. The recessed windows and projecting floor slabs provide shade to the windows and glass doors. Informal social contact is important to elderly residents, so the entry lobby is enlarged to also serve as a lounge and meeting place. The courtyard is designed as a rememberance of the original natural condition of the site with an overlay of the grid of the built environment on the alluvial plain.



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