20180417_untitled_0200-2-EditDESIGN INTENTION

Pool House and Lap Pool are an independent addition to an existing California style bungalow. Designed on an 11×14 grid, the facade facing the existing house is transparent with wall to wall double glazed low E sliding glass doors. This transparency includes within and expands the visual depth of the garden. The floating roof is independently supported on eight steel columns supported by grade beams. The floating roof allows for a ribbon of clerestory windows above the block wall retaining wall to reinforce the visual sense of the floating roof. This horizontality is, reinforced by the horizontal bands of polished block. For sustainability, the curtain, a Norwegian army camouflage material for snow country sourced in England, identifies the change of seasons to the West facing transparent facade. In winter the curtain is removed and stored so that the sun penetrates the space with both the 6″ concrete floor and the 8″ block wall serving as a heat sink. In the summer the curtain is installed to support the shade provided by the large overhanging roof which increases the shade during the day to the pool house. This increased shade substantially reduces the daily heat gain. At night the sliding glass doors are opened to flush out any heat gained during the day. The continual shadow from the curtain projects ever changing patterns onto the surfaces in the Pool House thereby producing an ever-changing sense of the space. The lap pool reinforces the horizontally of the floating roof’ and is heated by an array of solar collectors on both the house and the pool house. The solar collectors provide 100% of the heat required for the lap pool during the summer months and 70% during the winter months when the pool is in use in winter. The kitchenette includes an under-counter refrigerator and a microwave with the hot water to both the kitchen and the bathroom provided with a tankless heater. The space is minimally furnished to reinforce the sense of space and the people occupying the space rather than the objects in the space. The freestanding light is a 1930’s industrial light. The Adirondack style white chairs and the chaise lounge are designed crafted by independent artists.

20180417_untitled_0197_8_9-Edit_3-220180417_untitled_0172-3_3-3_4-3-Edit_3-220180417_untitled_0119_20_21-2-EditInch crop

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