Plymouth Place, Stockton, CA


Plymouth Place is a five-story, 65 unit slab-shaped structure intended to be the companion building for an adjacent seven-story building. Since the older building had two floors of medical facilities and a large multipurpose space, the new building was planned with smaller spaces for eating and socializing. Eight units are specifically equipped for the handicapped.

Color is one key to the building’s success in establishing a definite character for itself. A strong terra cotta is used on the building’s long elevations in a pyramidal pattern, which centers on the recessed entrance bay. A beige tone balances the other bays while the upper story and roof remain neutral, expressing a division into base, middle, and top. The use of spaced bars for the balcony railing on the middle three floors allows the residents to enjoy the view, while from the street, the thin blue lines accent and lighten the elevations.

PP_2PP_3Plymouth Place_PA Jul 1984_pg 72

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